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Great Clips - Yes It Has Territory...

Online has changed our shopping habits & the landscape of how we function for some of our needs. When was the last time you received a hair cut online? From social media? When looking at a business model how the Internet affects our purchasing habits and our needs will be part of the process of measuring the pros & cons of each business. Finding business with a consumer need, a hyper local product that cannot be outsourced tends to have more long term security. Sharon Powills, author for 1851 Magazine, recently penned a list of the "Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Great Clips". That personal service is at the foundation of Great Clips, a growth-oriented franchisor with more than 4,200 salons o

Open Position: Franchisee - How to Apply for Business Ownership

One of the benefits of working with a group of professional, seasoned colleagues is we share ideas and information. A colleague of mine wrote the article below and I wanted to share it with you. Having been a franchisee I believe it highlights extremely well the perspective to view your next potential position. By Tim Church In my line of work, I get to help people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, upbringings, and paradigms. Sometimes, I end up working with people who start out thinking that the process of buying a franchise is like any other big purchase. Some will approach it like buying a house or a car. I’ve heard people say things like, “I’m the guy with the money. They ne

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