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Is It Ever a Good Time to Start a Business

An important question to ask: “what is riskier – owning a business or having a job?” The answer typically depends on someone’s experience of being an entrepreneur or being an employee. The entrepreneur says “having a job because your entire income is dependent upon one source – your job – and you can’t control that.” Capitalism has had over two centuries to prove to the working class that it is the best system possible and that working under capitalism will make you happy as long as you work hard. Strangely enough, U.S. job satisfaction is at the lowest level it has been for two decades, and despite up-and downswings in the economy—is continuously spiraling downwards. A recent Gallup poll shows that 71% of American workers are “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” from their work regardless of where on the income ladder they fall. The reason is that most people feel that they are at the constant mercy of multiple task masters and their job is never finished. Even after many years of loyal toil – many people still fear that they can lose their job at the whim of an unseen executive or cost cutting functionary.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global Report, prepared by Babson College and released in January, underlines something that I’ve noticed in my work for years: Entrepreneurs really are happier than other people.

Why? The answer is simple. It is an answer that psychologists and occupational therapists have known for decades: doing work with a clear result, having an impact on your work, seeing progress in your work, and working with other people increases your self-esteem and gives you more energy. In short—it makes you more happy. If you own a business, everything you do has a purpose and you see the fruit of your labor in a way that an employee does not. If you are feeling like you would like to have some solid results from your work activities, this excellent article below has 10 good reasons why now is probably the best time to start a business. Embrace your power! None of us are getting any younger!

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Where does a business fit into your plan?

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