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Einstein's Secret to Franchise Investigations

“I can’t figure out if this franchise is right for me...&..what kind of money will I make?” Want to know how Albert Einstein might go about figuring that out? Read on… Owning a business is no simple endeavor. You are confronted with a myriad of information, some of it conflicting – most of it new. You are asked to put significant money and time into a business that you have never done before. The stakes are high. No wonder thinking about business ownership is stressful. I’m here to help. In thinking about a franchise investigation, consider it like a problem. What is the problem in the first place? What are you trying to accomplish with the purchase of a business? For many people it is the freedom of thought, action and finances that is possible through business ownership. Where is the ambiguity that is concerning to you? Some of the main culprits that I have seen cause sleepless nights in a franchise investigation are related to the 10 major categories below. While the question is often “what kind of money can I make with this business” the typical root answer is within a specific category. 1. Uncertainty 2. Globalization 3. Innovation 4. Government Policy & Regulation 5. Technology 6. Diversity 7. Complexity 8. Information Overload 9. Supply Chains 10. Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving Depending on the business and your orientation, you may find the question be a supply chain problem or a marketing problem. There is no one specific question – just like there is no specific one answer. Therefore, to best determine what is causing you challenges – THINK LIKE EINSTEIN! In the article below, you can read about how Einstein would define problem questions and the process for understanding their answers. If you are having challenges with your franchise search, would like to discuss how to articulate your vision, how to structure a business investigation based on FACT or how to help shape your goals and if franchise ownership is a viable medium for you to achieve the American Dream, call me to schedule a free consultation at 800.361.8292 or email me a:

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