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EQ vs Logic for Purchasing a Business

Do you sometimes feel like your emotions get the best of you?

Have you ever had a moment where a gut reaction was the right reaction?

We live in a business environment where both emotion and logic play a role in consumer buying behavior. This is especially true in large capital purchases like buying a franchise.

This article dives into idea to take into account before making any purchase decision:

Take time to understand how your emotions and logical feelings impact your ability to make a purchase. This key understanding is one that most intelligent business owners have mastered. We can help you guide you to determine the correct balance of emotional understanding of a brand and the logical facts behind it before making a decision.

The founder of The Franchise Consulting Company - Nick Neonakis - as written a #1 best seller on franchise investigation, The Franchise MBA. An excellent guide on the road to purchasing a franchise. If you would like to check it out click the amazon link:

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