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Understanding Your Why

Any new venture must start with an understanding of who you are what you want to achieve. It is very important to understand how your actions can help you achieve your passions and goals. Pursuing something purely because it is a passion won't always result in an achieving your goals either. Whether you want to build a nest egg for your family or seek more freedom when you work, take a step back and reflect on your values and how being a franchise owner can help you.

Take a look at your true reason for business ownership. Is it to create a lifestyle and meet your financial goals or to fulfill a passion or purpose? I had a client who loved photography and thought opening up a photography studio would be the way to go, but then she realized a lot of the jobs of owning a photography studio weren’t really things she enjoyed doing. Instead we found a business that spoke to her strengths, and the activities she enjoyed doing and was good at. It also created the lifestyle and financial goals she had for herself. She decided to keep the photography as her hobby.

So determine what your true goals are for your business. There are many franchises that are solid business models that you may have never considered if you were just focused on your passion of what the business does versus what it can create for you. Review your business model to stay on track on selecting a business that will be a good fit for you.

The Journey of “Why”

It is all up to you. Do not be afraid to probe deeper, and think harder about who you are. Do not be afraid to take time to ask others what they see in your personality and your values. Take time to write out what you do and how you do it. Writing is a powerful tool to help you understand and self-visualize. You do not need to necessarily write a journal, but take time to write out what inspires you. You have nothing to lose by doing this, and writing is an effective way to begin the journey of satisfying “why.”

Why do you live on this earth?

What is your ultimate purpose?

If I am the culmination of thousands of my ancestor’s lives, what is my purpose to keep that chain intact for future generations?

These are all queries your journey of “why” will answer. Enjoy this journey, as it lasts a lifetime. Do not forget to keep coming back to “why.” Why you do something defines purpose in your life. Doing something merely because you like it satisfies a passion, but it may not fulfill a purpose.


Documenting Your Journey

Have you ever considered writing down your thoughts? Ideas that spark in the middle of the night, quotes or emails that made you stop & think, or significant milestones from your and why it meant something to you. Some might keep this in a binder, on Pintrest, and idea board etc. A way to visually 'see' what you want.


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