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Telanda has over a decade of experience helping people like you find a franchise that matches your goals, personality and lifestyle as well as the tools to be successful in owning your business.

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  • Empathy
  • Guidance
  • Franchise Expertise
  • Honesty
  • World Class Service & Support
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Benefits of Working with a Franchise Coach

  • At no cost to you vision, guidance and support through the entire process
  • Expert assistance in finding your ideal match for a successful franchise
  • Quick, thorough process with a high success rate
  • Step-by-step plan created by your coach with goals and objectives
  • Commitment-free

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Testimonials from Happy Clients

If you are reading this and thinking about retaining Telanda as an advisor to help you with your franchise investigations STOP what you’re doing and call her. There are very few people in the USA who have the integrity, knowledge of franchising and breadth of experience in working with clients. She is a true professional and has my full endorsement. On top of her experience, legions of successful clients and a direct line to hundreds of CEOs of major franchise companies she’s a true delight to work with! You’ll have a smile on your face the entire time you’re getting educated about business ownership. She has walked the walk and will help you too!

Nick Neonakis / Author of The Franchise MBA

Telanda is one of my favorite brokers to work with; she responds quickly, is creative in her consultative approach and is positive and upbeat. We recently worked together to award a SPENGA territory to a client of hers in Santa Cruz and I can without a doubt say that everyone Telanda sends my way is a great match for my brand. The girl knows how to find her clients the right brand fit! I highly recommend working with Telanda if you have the opportunity to.

Carin Skowronsky / SPENGA Director of Franchise Development

I have had the pleasure of working with Telanda Sidari. Telanda’s insight into her clients personal makeup to help determine the best business opportunity is priceless. She is extremely valuable and really cares about her clients. She has a great understanding of people and businesses across industries. I highly recommend Telanda in her role.

Wendy Skemer / Sr. Consultant @ Benetrends

I highly recommend Telanda Sidari if you are considering a franchise. She really helped me to focus on my priorities, to make better decisions, and clarify the whole process. Telanda stayed committed through the course and was encouraging without being overbearing, even when I stepped away for an extended period of time. I always felt she had my best interests in mind. I have no doubt she will find the right business for you as she did for me.

Brian Prevost / The Dog Stop Mult-Unit Franchise

Telanda is one of the gems in the franchising industry! She is at the top of the game with her strong communication and relationship management skills to help navigate her clients in making the best decisions that fit their lifestyle needs and goals.

Jen Olson / Dir. of Franchise Development Regis Corporation

Working with Telanda has been a great experience. From the fantastic event she organized in Columbus, OH to her thoughtful follow up emails, she is always engaged and focused on delivering the right candidates to the appropriate business opportunity. I look forward to working with Telanda in the future and adding more excellent franchisees to The Dog Stop family.

Jesse Coslov / CEO & Co-Founder The Dog Stop

“I guess the best way for me to describe how easily Telanda is able to connect with people from all walks of life is to share a personal story. The very first time I met Telanda was during a full day business meeting. We spent about 8 hours together. At the end of the meeting I didn’t want our time to be over so I offered to take her to the airport instead of a car service. On the ride, I said, I know this is weird cause we just met, but I really want you to come to my wedding next month, I feel like I’ve know you forever and even though I haven’t, I know that now I will!” I think that sums up the magic that is Telanda! She has a way about her that puts people at ease and I’m proof of that!

Lisa Kornstein-Kaufman / Founder Scout & Molly's Boutique

I had heard great things about Telanda from a number of colleagues in franchising but did not have the privilege to work with her until this year. In launching our new brand Telanda was quick to understand the type of candidate we were looking for. She understood our unique concept and what her clients were looking for. Within weeks of launching, we were hosting our first discovery day for Telanda’s clients and everything clicked. She sets the standard for what franchise consultant should be, understanding who her clients are and who franchisors looking for. It has been a pleasure to work with her and look forward to working together much more into future. 

Patrick Sommer / Franchise Development Mahana Poke

Telanda has been a pleasure to work with in my role as a franchise developer for a national fast casual healthy super-foods restaurant. Telanda recently recommended our brand to her client and she was able to quickly help them mark off many check list items to see if our concept was a good fir for their business goals. Through her prior experience as a franchisee and developer for a high fashion retailer, Telanda has gained a thorough understanding of what business success looks like for a franchisor franchisee relationship. Above all this – Telanda demonstrates high standards, is fun to work with and delivers on her promises.

Michael Tilbrooke / Franchise Development Vitality Bowls

Telanda was amazing. She definitely was able to help us with our new business venture. She was able to match our interests and skills to a great franchise opportunity. I highly recommend you contact Telanda to help you!

Cyndi Roberts / Vitality Bowls Franchisee

Telanda is a warm caring professional who is excellent in assisting people to find and reach their goals of business ownership. 

Neal Weiss

Telanda successfully guided me through the education process when I bought my franchise in 2016. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. Great to work with! 

Susie Williams / Owner Scout & Molly's Boutique

Telanda is a true professional and a fabulous resource for someone exploring business ownership. She takes the time to truly get to know her candidates, which allows her to provide sound advice to her prospective franchisee’s as they go through the research and diligence process. I would highly recommend Telanda to anyone seriously considering owning a franchise.

Eric Martin / VP of Franchise Development Lawn Dr. & Mosquito Hunters

Telanda is a pro who truthfully helps people who are exploring franchise ownership-highly recommend!!

Pete Nash / Former Franchisee of 5 Companies

Telanda was instrumental in helping me find the right franchise opportunity for me and my family. She was always readily available and extremely encouraging. Although her part is done, I am sure that she would still assist me today if needed. I would highly recommend Telanda if you are looking at franchises.

Laura Richie / Y6 Franchisee

I had the pleasure of working with Telanda several years ago regarding the purchase of a franchise. She went above and beyond to make sure the we comprehended all of the details, always returned phone calls in a timely manner, was professional, caring and truly vested in helping us. Can’t say enough wonderful things about her and so pleased that we became friends and are still in touch several states away!

Sally M. Webber / Owner Scout & Molly's Boutique

I have worked with Telanda on several different occasions. She is a true professional; deeply committed to her clients and extremely responsive. I enjoy and respect the work that she does.

Ralph L. Nilssen / Business Development Officer @ Guidant Financial

Telanda is a true professional. She is a great communicator and extremely detailed orientated when working with her clients. We closed our first deal with Telanda just last month. Look forward to many mor to come.

George Jones / CEO & President All American Steakhouse

Telanda brings a very unique perspective to franchising as she has been a franchisee, a development manager, and now a coach. This type of experience is invaluable when navigating the current franchise landscape! Telanda is the right person to guide a prospective owner through this life changing event. 

Trevor Steenholdt / Development Mgr @ Home Care Assistance

One of the best things I have done is working with Telanda. She helped us get and work through so many potential opportunities. Thanks to Telanda! She was able to get us with one that just launched their franchise model and was perfect for us. Thank you for sticking with us and helping us find this amazing opportunity.

Will Thorn / NuVinAir Franchisee DC/VA Area

Working with Telanda was a great experience for us! She truly has her clients’ best interest in finding the right business opportunity. We are so excited for our newest Senior Helpers owner to get started and look forward to working with Telanda again in the near future. She is a true professional and really helped coach her client with franchising knowledge and support during our discovery process. I would recommend anyone looking for a career change or business opportunity to consider using “The Franchise Educator”

Carly Naehrig / Franchise Development @ Senior Helpers

Telanda’s capability of helping individuals match their skill sets, personal desires and family’s needs with the franchise that will fulfill their goals is a genuine gift. I have had the pleasure of working with Telanda for years and am very comfortable recommending her.

Doug Schadle / CEO Rhino7 Franchising

I had experience working with Telanda years ago when she and her husband owned a CertaPro Painters franchise. I have many positive memories of our business interactions. I found Telanda to be very open and honest, even in tough situations. She always strived to stay positive and upbeat. Telanda seemed to have a strong grasp of the business and had no problem rolling up her sleeves and getting involved. Another thing I would say is Telanda is extremely dependable, follows through on her commitments and is tenacious in accomplishing her goals. I would absolutely recommend Telanda based on her strong character and values set.

Jeff Rendell / Sr. RVP Operations CertaPro Painters


Franchising can be an excellent opportunity to invest in a proven business model. Luckily, there are processes, systems & procedures in place to follow which can lead to a successful franchise business. If you’re able to follow the system you’re on the right track! If you think you might feel smothered or frustrated, owning a franchise business may not be for you.  

  • Someone who has the desire to own their own business by following the proven processes, systems, and procedures already built by the franchisor without the headache and hassle of creating the wheel.
  • Someone who has business experience in operations, management and finance.
  • People who are independent, self-starters, time management experts and can make important decisions for the business and its direction.
    How a client goes through our investigation process with a brand is a good overall indicator of how they will approach being a franchise owner. This provides valuable feedback to the franchisor on whether to make an offer.

An experienced consultant will guide you on the right path by identifying if franchising is right for you and which brands match your personal profile, goals, skill sets and investment range. Look for a consultant with knowledge of the franchise world, relationships within the industry and business acumen themselves either from prior or current franchise ownership. A consultant’s job is to help you think critically, disrupt preconceived & usually incorrect information and challenge you in order to make sure you’re making the best decision for your needs and goals.

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