“Sometimes life creates an unexpected route” 

Telanda SidariGrowing up I usually found ways to go against the grain or challenge the adults in my life. Why was something a certain way?  Just because “it’s always been that way” doesn’t mean it was the best way. This line of thinking lead very nicely to a psychology degree. It also allowed me to learn that systems, processes and procedures are at the very core of the industry for why brands/business models work well and become successful. 

My “how I got into franchising” story is not a super warm and fuzzy Pinterest story, created by a well thought out series of choices.  I had experience working for Fortune 500 companies in sales & marketing but like many, 2009 was a pivotal year.  My spouse at the time was laid off from what was supposed to be an extremely secure position.  But that year came along with a different plan…. once again teaching another generation, nothing is guaranteed. Friends of ours owned multiple units of Stanley Steemer and were also pioneers by investing into a new industry concept – Skyzone.  They recommended we investigate franchising.  This was very intriguing as their overall lifestyle, freedom, financial stability, flexibility, leadership, scalability, and control over their lives fascinated us. Coming fresh off the idea that the traditional career route isn’t always secure, we decided to look into investing in ourselves.  We landed on a new territory painting franchise in Northeast Ohio, which led to purchasing a resale territory within the brand, and then a flooring franchise with a business partner. 

Fast forward to today, I now use my business and ownership experiences to help clients decide if franchising is the correct path for them at this time in their life, by understanding their goals, needs and objectives.  People invest into franchising for different reasons, this journey can take many turns.  You must want it.  You must be prepared to face some facts and some fears.  

Sometimes you create your own path, or sometimes your path creates itself.  Are you willing to take notice?  To listen?  People invest in franchising for different reasons.  Let’s find yours. 

Don’t worry if needed – my psych degree will kick in for good measure. 

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