Fitness Focus in January

Published On: Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January: the month so many of us vow to get back into shape! To focus on this fitness & health interest we are going to focus on franchise concepts within this space.

Working in franchising for 10 years, food & fitness are two of the top industries we receive interest and questions about. People want to know about fads, trends, and what is the hottest franchise. For the most part, fitness is usually toping the list of hottest franchises, as a good many business minded people see the value in the interest and the right business model.

Currently in the U.S., the fitness market is a $31B annual industry. IBISWorld, a market research firm, found that 1 in 10 of fitness dollars spent comes from a franchise.

“Over the past five years, the Gym & Fitness Franchises industry has grown by 5.2% to reach revenue of $4Bin 2018” – IBISWorld Research

If you build it they will come mentality strikes in franchising business too. This is the reason we are seeing so many concepts in our communities. In almost every city, town & community in the US there is a focus on fitness and healthy living. We have seen a scary rapid increase in health issues among all age groups.

Obesity is the leading health epidemic in the United States. Add in diabetes, heart disease and bone & joint disease as additional conditions that can develop because of obesity, it becomes clear why there is a rise in the interest of being healthier.

Stanford Health Care – Effects of Obesity

nWith this rise in interest are industries & businesses to combat, prevent & educate on healthy living and fitness. Within franchising:

    • Gyms
    • Boutique Fitness
    • Weight Loss
    • Sports


sectors have grown tremendously to accommodate the growth. The market has proven to want easy options, ones clients enjoy, are fun to participate, have a community feel and provide variety.

These business models typically are semi-absentee, low labor intensive, membership based and show good ROI. Franchisors understand how to market to the needs of the community and which facets of the business model work the best. Many of these fitness & health concept are plug-n-play, allowing the franchisee to focus on either a FT Job, growing the business with more units or taking some time for themselves.

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