Are You a Work Martyr?

Published On: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Being self-employed is hard work. So is being an employee. How many hours do you work a week? If you are a white collar, college educated professional, you have probably worked fifty to seventy hours a week and traveled significantly. You work every bit as hard as a business owner. Most employees who are making upper-five- or lower-six-digit salaries usually spend most of their time and energy on their jobs.nnnHow many times have you dragged yourself home after a week on the road? How often did your exertions that week move your family’s financial needle forward? Did you get to determine where your time would be spent, or did you perform a task because the boss told you to go and do something? You did not write your job description. You probably have some kind of yearly goals that were “agreed upon” by you and your manager, and then you review them at the end of the year when you discuss your “performance.”n nnThe self-employed, by contrast, do write their own job descriptions, and they tend to have very significant occupation goals; one of them is to become financially independent. They are independent in their actions, and their work is not graded by a supervisor. It is graded by the market. If they do well, their bank account grows. It follows that the self-employed actively seek out and spend time on activities that further their independence.nnnEither way, as an employee or as a business owner, you will work hard and have risk. Risk that you can control and act independently to reduce is calculated risk. Rolling up your sleeves and making it happen is the American way. As Yoda said, “Try not. Do! Or do not. There is no try.”nnnIf you are going to work hard – make sure that you enjoy the fruits of your efforts and do not give them away for free…n nnTo read more about “work martyrs” click on the link below:

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