Essential Business Industry Franchises

Published On: Thursday, January 21, 2021

Finding security in business ownership through the essential needs of our humanity & how we live.

Navigating our way through what has been deemed “essential” is a newly paved path. Whether we’re finding differences in what we deem essential, we have all been grounded to what our government will allow to be open to service our essentials needs as a community. This has newly been defined as a business that provide goods & services during a lockdown. Finding a business that will survive regular ups & downs and a pandemic, and thrive…well that is nothing short of a miracle.

What industries do many of these essential businesses fall into? Here are a few Essential Industries:

1. Disaster, Recovery, Restoration & Environmental Services

Probably the top essential business on this list! (in my opinion) When weather related events occur, destroying homes &/or businesses every year, those people need help and they need it now! Typically they’re not quoting out to three different companies or deciding that the spouse will paint the bedroom instead. These are crucial clean ups that need care and attention to the home and to the client.

A good franchise system will have relationships with national insurance companies that allow the franchise to do the job and have it covered. This makes it easier for the client to get the needed services and the franchisee paid.

There is a need here, pandemic or no pandemic.

2. Moving Companies / Junk Removal

Moving is a stressful hassle. Sometimes you want to move, sometimes you don’t and sometimes you have to move. Regardless, it is needed. Parallel to a move is junk removal and there are franchise options that will cover both needs, some within the same business model. With these businesses you don’t have the added expense of retail overhead, although you do have the expense of the trucks or equipment. The nice part is that equipment purchases are deductible through Section 179, and you can find this in many service based franchises.

What is Section 179?

“This is a U.S internal revenue code that is an immediate expense deduction that business owners can take for purchases of depreciable business equipment instead of capitalizing and depreciating the asset over a period of time.”

3. Pets

People need to feed & care for their pets! And as Americans we own a lot of pets. The average household has 1.6 dogs and 1.8 cats, which equals 76M+ dogs and 58M+ cats. Therefore, it is essential that these types on businesses stay open.

When we are not quarantined there are pet businesses that cater to the overall well being & needs of your pet while you’re at work or on vacation: doggie day care or boarding, training, and grooming. So either way, a business model that focuses on pets seems whether ups & downs better than others.

4. Automotive

The average age of a used car is higher than it used to be – 11.8 years per USA Today. People are taking care of their cars longer. To do this they need businesses that cater to running the vehicle (gas), to maintenance and repair. Akin to the disaster remediation industry, automotive is a strong thriving business regardless of economies or pandemics. People need to get to their jobs, or get food & supplies and reliable transportation is essential.

5. Home Services

A well rounded category! Plumbers, roofing, electricians, pest control, and insulation to name a few. If we are staying home and need our dwellings to effectively function than these are essential businesses. Even more, these are needed services regardless of current economies or pandemics. Which makes them very popular to own.

6. Fast Food

Obviously food is essential! Maybe your power is out or your current finances cannot support restaurant take-out, there is a need to have a quick cost effective meal. With so many options, you can choose healthier options or treat yourself (and the kids) on that one place that tastes so good but probably should be had in moderation. Drive through options are easy, quick and therefore, wonderfully essential! If not drive though, then curbside pick up. Sometimes, many times, all you may need is an app to have it delivered to you.

7. Packing & Shipping

There needs to be a way to get goods & supplies to warehouses so that we can purchase them either in a store or online during a pandemic. During regular non-pandemic scenarios these businesses cater to the shipping of our personal and business needs, and therefore, always needed.

8. Senior Care / Home Care

Without a doubt, helping others in need is essential. Whether providing services to seniors to assist them with daily tasks in their home or maybe someone recovering from surgery who is new to town. With the fast growing population of seniors there are quite a few franchise concepts that helps seniors in different ways, including the need to find proper assisted living senior housing community. In turn, these franchises employ thousands of workers.

9. Hardware

Repairing and maintaining our home is a need regardless of what is happening around us. If there is a ‘shelter in place’ we still need to fix emergencies that occur to keep the dwelling operating & efficient.

10. Healthcare

Pharmacies, medical offices and labs need to stay open to service the basic healthcare needs of the community in addition to anyone being injured.

11. Supermarkets / Farms & Food Manufactures / Convenience Stores

No need to explanation here…..

12. Childcare

For those workers that have families and need to work in all the above industries, the children need a place to go.

13. Banks / Laundromats

Even though so many financial options can be online, we at times do need banks to be open! In addition, the clothes we have quarantined in should probably be washed! 🙂

Many of these industries have opportunities for business ownership, either to begin something your self or be part of something larger – a family of sorts that support you throughout your ownership journey.

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