Why you Should Take a Look at Accelerated Waste Solutions Franchise

Published On: Monday, May 10, 2021


Waste management is not a sexy or fun sounding business. However, they are a needed service in the market during most any economy which makes for a consistent business. The Covid pandemic alone significantly increased the need junk removal services.


In 2008 with a friends borrowed truck, these entrepreneurs did their first junk removal job! From there they have grown & scaled the business into the technology driven company it is today.

Basic Information

What is the best part of Accelerated Waste? It is two businesses in one! The bulk/junk hauling side focuses on business with a purpose! They recycle, repurpose, donate or resell items they collect. The have both residential and commercial clients that produce different types of revenue. The residential side being the one-time service maybe every few years and the commercial side having relationships with local businesses, realtors, storage facilities, property managers and apartment complexes for monthly needs. The secondary side is valet trash and with this Accelerated Waste has many established contracts in cities across the country already set up for this service. In addition to these contracts, A.W. has national contracts established for public storage locations and many large commercial companies that have needs for their services. Overall this is a high marin white collar technology company situation in a blue collar industry.

Quick Stats:

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    • Lg territories – 250K residential homes with strong multi-unit presence
    • Low Employees – Franchisee – Ops Mgr – Driver; Tech; 1099 Valet Trash Porter = 4 ee’s plus franchisee or 5 ee’s if running semi-absentee. A good Ops Mgr can cover 2-3 areas.
    • Trucks – franchisees are able to lease or purchase custom built trucks that are larger than the competition.
    • Investment Level – approx $110 – $220K
    • Can lease or purchase the trucks and these do qualify for Section 179 on the equipment.
    • Item 19 – franchisors will discuss once someone is in validation.




They have cultivated a purposeful culture based around:

C.A.R.E. – Convenience; Affordable; Reliable; Environmentally Friendly

By staying true to their culture values Accelerated Waste is able to grow a small start up into a national company.


A.W. has outlined a strategic branding program to get franchise started. From there they will plug into a more local plan once the business has ramped up.


The App alone is a strategic move putting tech in the forefront of the waste industry. It streamlines processes and allows the customer instant quotes, thereby, booking the job faster than the competition. The larger trucks they use means better pricing for customers as well as the ability to compete w/roll off dumpsters too. Corporate has a 24/7 customer care center based out of FL which helps franchisee can focus on B2B development. The routing, booking jobs are all handled by the support team. Team members provide photo documentation and reporting to the customer – so they know what A.W. did and what they’re paying for. All this is built through a proprietary workforce system to monitor and track employee performance and trucks. On the operations side, A.W. has made payroll easier for franchisees, as it is done through a PEO company (Professional Employer Organization), which can also provide benefits to franchisees and their employees.

Who Makes a Good Franchisee

You don’t have to love junk to become an owner! But generally someone who has management or service professional backgrounds, who can build a small team and build relationships by getting out in the field and talking to people. They should be comfortable building a plan and executing it following the processes & procedures of the business plan with the support of the corporate team.


Looking at franchises can become daunting as many times clients don’t know which ones are a good fit for them, as many assume food is the route to go. Venturing into other industries to understand not only the business model but the financials helps to clarify & stay on track with the clients goals and needs for the business. What criteria are you looking for in a business?

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